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These conferences came to life when NordINFOLIT was founded on the initiative of NORDINFO – Nordic Scientific Information Agency in autumn 2001 in Helsinki. After lively discussions of information competence issues at the 25th Anniversary Conference, Content is King – Information Strategies in the New Millennium. At the meeting, specialists from the Nordic countries were chosen, and it was decided to create a common platform to support development together, find common solutions and map ongoing projects in the Nordic region in the field of information skills.

NordINFOLIT carried out annual Nordic Summer Schools in pedagogy for libraries as well as this biennial  international conference Creating Knowledge. These activities offered support, education and inspiration for university libraries in their efforts to develop an educational role and cooperation with education. Following the introduction of the Bologna reform, the importance of general skills, including information literacy, is key and  and now constitute integral elements of the vast majority of university education, and because of this NordINFOLIT collaboration there are several examples of well-established cooperation between libraries and education in the Nordic countries yet today. So many years have passed and the educational role of the libraries is still under continuous development, but as of 2017 much better established.

Because of all the positive work and awareness on NordINFOLIT as platform played a huge role, but as of today it only exists because of a group of representatives from every Nordic country contributing passing as a steering group.

The Creating Knowledge conferences is all that remains from the NordINFOLIT collaboration, last time. The host for the conference circulates between the Nordic countries and the host country holds the presidency in the NordINFOLIT steering group accordingly. Last time the Creating Knowledge Conference was held was in 2016 in Iceland, Reykjavik – next year in Denmark, Vejle. The 9th Creating Knowledge is going to happen in Denmark.

FLIP’D look forward to welcome you all to 2½ days with network, information literacy, knowledge sharing and fun in the sunny and green part of Denmark.