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Nina Bonderup Dohn

Professor, MA, Ph.D, dr.phil, University Of Southern Denmark

For at least a decade Nina has researched in knowledge and learning related to applied philosophy. Since 2014 she has been head of the research program Learning, design, and digitalization at University of Southern Denmark, and in 2017 she defended her doctoral thesis Epistemological concerns – querying the learning field from a philosophical point of view. Recently she has edited the book Designing for Learning in a Networked World published at Routledge. With her insight to knowledge and learning, we can’t think of any one better to kick off this year’s Creating Knowledge Conference as our first keynote presenter. Nina’s keynote is titled:

nina dohn

Christian T. Lystbæk

Assoc. Professor,  Ph.D., Aarhus University

Christian T. Lystbæk is associate professor at Department of Business Development and Technology at Aarhus University. His research interests and teaching centers on organisational development in the public sector, in particular through diverse HRM practices. Currently, he is studying the growing interest in co-creation relationships and partnerships between professionals and citizens that we witness in many public sector organisations. Christian’s keynote is titled:

Co-creating libraries? Who should be drawing the map of the library landscape?

Co-creation is receiving increasing interest as a way to involve users in the design and development of goods and services in many areas of life, including libraries. The concept of co-creation challenges established roles and relationships between “producers” and “consumers” of services by suggesting that neither the producers nor the consumers are able to create appropriate services alone, rather services should be co-created, i.e. created together. Thus, while co-creation as a term is new, the basic idea is not. It draws on normative ideals with an impressive intellectual heritage, such as democratic citizenship and civil society.

In his talk, Christian will sum up on what we know about co-creation and discuss its relevance for the library landscape. The discussion centers around the question: Who should be drawing the map of the library landscape?

Imran Rashid
Imran Rashid